Documentary Style Photography

We love to shoot in a documentary style which is all about us working in the background to capture the most natural poses and getting amongst the crowds. We might choose to interact with some of the kids, grandparents or even the family dog if you brought him to the wedding!

Most of the time you won’t even realise we are there taking photographs as our style is discreet but at the same time, we’re in on the action. Have you seen some quirky photographs recently that you like? Let us know and we can definitely include something similar at your wedding.

Gallery One

Detail Photography

We love details, and you probably do too! We’re talking about the small things, the intricate and the delicate that you put plenty of time and effort into which might be missed amongst the day’s excitement.

We can make sure that every detail has been photographed for your memories. From the cake to the rings, the car and the funky shoelaces uncle Michael decided to wear. Also your lovely table arrangements will be set up for fantastic photography.

Traditional Photography

Many couples still prefer the traditional approach to wedding photography and why not, the family groups, bridesmaids, the groom and his best man. These are all great and we can definitely achieve some creativity in this part of the day.

We’d also like to find some beautiful settings for the both of you to just be yourselves and see what it feels like to be a newly wed couple. Lets take some brilliant images of you looking your best!

Gallery Two

Online gallery

After your wedding we’ll supply you with a disc of images to use as you wish, but we also offer a very modern online gallery extra option which will contain all of your photographs to view online. You can then send a private link to your friends and family to browse through all or just some of the images.

Many people like this option as its a very quick and easy way to share your photographs with other people. We make it work great so it runs smoothly on all computers!